The multi-family residential building in Poznan

The structure was designed as a freestanding, five-story multifamily residential building, supplementing the buildings along the main street of the city. Architects’ goal was to create a project with a different approach to the aesthetics of buildings commonly constructed throughout the city. The Client’s wish of providing maximum surface of balconies was achieved by surrounding core of the structure with terraces wrapping around the entire building. White balconies were chosen to contrast with the dark core of the building. Railings of balconies are open to allow as much natural light as possible into the building’s living areas.

Client: Ingenium
Location: Poznan
Architects: Neostudio Architekci
Architects in Charge: Bartosz Jarosz, Paweł Świerkowski
Collaborating architect: Bartosz Wojciechowski
Visualisations: Mimostudio
Design: 2016
Realisation: 2016-2017
Site area: 2 275 m2
Building area: 388 m2
Usable area: 1850 m2
Volume: 6110 m3


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