Kamienica Łazarz Poznań

Poznań Łazarz tenement house. Reconstruction, expansion and extension of a residential tenement house.

Project for the reconstruction, expansion and extension of a city tenement house from the beginning of the 20th century. The tenement house is located in the Łazarz district of Poznań, located in a compact, multi-family tenement house. The architect adopted the assumptions that were: the transformation of the facility to the parameters of the development being symmetrical within the quarter, taking into account the corner character of the building and the frontage, compact development of the district.

Client: Private
Location: Poznań
Architects: Neostudio Architekci
Architects in Charge: Bartosz Jarosz, Paweł Świerkowski
Collaborating architects: Tomasz Sołtysiak
Design: 2021-2024
Realization: 2024-2025

Kamienica Łazarz Poznań
Kamienica Łazarz Poznań

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