Kamionki osiedle domów

Kamionki Park Residential Estate

Near one of the spacious green areas adjacent to the city of Poznań to the south, there is a plot of land on which a small housing estate of single-family houses has been designed. The inspiration and a big challenge for the authors was the nature surrounding the estate and the requirement to harmoniously fit into it. Both the scale of the estate and the division of the typology meet these expectations. The estate includes single-family, two-unit buildings and is open: the entrance gate closes only vehicular traffic, providing access to the forest areas for pedestrians and cyclists. The typology of the layout, simple in form and with ordered geometry, is differentiated only by the finishing of the façade: plaster or clinker. The characteristic rhythm of the shapes and roofs, which slope towards the south, together with the differentiation of the facades, introduces the desired balance between order, diversity and the natural surroundings. The uniform inclination of the roofs enables the effective use of solar energy – the houses are powered by photovoltaic panels and heat pumps. Functionally, each apartment contains twelve rooms, divided into an entrance and living zone on the ground floor and a bedroom zone on the first floor.

Client: Blanhouse Development
Location: Kamionki near Poznań
Architects: Neostudio Architekci
Architects in Charge: Architekci Bartosz Jarosz, Paweł Świerkowski
Collaboration architects: Architekt Sandra Bogucka, Architekt Tomasz Sołtysiak
Projekt: 2019-2021
Realizacja: 2021-2023

Photo: Paweł Świerkowski

Site area: 11 286,70 m2
Building area: 1 467 m2

Usable area: 2 268 m2
Volume: 11050 m3

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